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Synchrono® Launches Demand-Driven Manufacturing Podcast Series

Synchrono®, a leader in demand-driven manufacturing software, today launched Demand-Driven Matters, a podcast series addressing issues related to the growing movement towards the demand-driven method of manufacturing. A more laser-like focus on customer need is driving the movement, along with the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), the Factory of the Future and Industry 4.0 – all concepts enabled through a more digitally connected and synchronized manufacturing operations environment and extended supply chain.

In demand-driven manufacturing environments, production planning and scheduling is based on actual customer orders (demand), promoting real-time and enterprise-wide data sharing and visibility. “In general, demand-driven manufacturers are better positioned to quickly respond to customer demand, because they operate in a more connected environment enabled by technologies allowing them to be more agile,” notes John Maher, VP of Product Strategy for Synchrono and frequent contributor to the Demand-Driven Matters podcast. “This is becoming increasingly critical as manufacturers are facing stiffer competition and looking for ways to grow more cost-effectively.” Data gathered through the connected environment also allows manufacturers to quickly provide customers with needed status, quality and performance information.

The podcast series is an extension of the Synchrono Demand-Driven Matters blog, which quickly gained a loyal following since its launch late in 2014. “There’s clearly a hunger for information relating to current demand-driven manufacturing concepts. Our goal is provide engaging experts, addressing timely issues in episodes that can be consumed in small doses,” said Pam Bednar, VP of Marketing for Synchrono. The first episode of the Demand-Driven Matters podcast provides an overview of the demand-driven manufacturing method and the key concepts of synchronization and flow. John Maher describes how synchronizing all production elements – materials, machines, people and data – enables flow through the production process and drives on-time delivery. Also discussed is how Lean Manufacturing, Theory of Constraints and Six Sigma contribute to the Demand-Driven method.

Future episodes of Demand-Driven Matters will feature additional industry experts and cover topics related to constraints management, demand-driven metrics, the Industrial Internet of Things and more. Demand-Driven Matters podcast episodes may be viewed at http://www.synchrono.com or on the company’s YouTube channel, SynchronoSoftware.

About Synchrono
Synchrono® LLC is a leading provider of demand-driven manufacturing software and services that simplify complex manufacturing environments and transform business results. The company’s planning, scheduling and execution and eKanban inventory replenishment systems are powerful on their own, and when combined with its operations solutions on the Synchrono Demand-Driven Manufacturing Platform, clients synchronize workforce, methods, machines, resources, data and more enabling flow from order inception through production and delivery.

Aggregating information from its own applications as well as from both machine-level and disparate enterprise systems, the Synchrono Demand-Driven Manufacturing Platform provides a real-time visual information system that empowers everyone – from the top floor to the shop floor – with actionable information. Synchrono helps clients manage constraints, improve flow, drive on-time delivery and maintain a competitive edge. For more information, please visit http://www.synchrono.com. Follow the Demand-Driven Matters blog at http://www.synchrono.com/blog.