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Sage Clarity Releases One View Mobile Analytics Cloud Platform For Consumer-Oriented Industries

Sage Clarity LLC, a leader in cloud-based best of breed supply chain and manufacturing solutions, has expanded the availability of its One View for Supply Chain Metrics suite of apps to various consumer-oriented industries after success with Food & Beverage organizations use of One View to drive real-time supply-chain visibility.

With information overload a large challenge for organizations; One View subscribes to different approaches in providing solutions for performance improvement initiatives – shallow-dive analytics, themes of metrics grouped into mini-apps, and real-time capabilities. By building a platform for multiple devices and offering pre-build metrics with a goal attainment framework using these approaches, organizations can quickly obtain analytical insight and collaborate on performance improvement in real-time.

“Now, silo’ed organizations within the same enterprise can leverage insight from tailored Metric Apps,” says John Oskin CEO, Sage Clarity. “Executives and knowledge workers in organizations such as Supply Management, Operations, Logistics, Quality, Finance and other departments can quickly obtain a shallow-dive of information and collaborate with other workers or teams around the globe using any device.”

Sage Clarity’s apps can obtain information from different systems and different organizational silos to provide organizations analytical insight into issues affecting customer deliveries, profitability, costs and other KPIs. The One View user experience is consistent on all devices and is available on iOS devices including iPhones and iPads, Android-based devices and major browsers.

About Sage Clarity

Located in Chicago, Sage Clarity is developing solutions to enable the “Next Generation Manufacturing Enterprise.” Sage Clarity is a leading provider of Manufacturing Intelligence solutions, developing cutting edge concepts to elevate manufacturing visibility and performance. By combining best-of-breed software capabilities with advisory services, Sage Clarity delivers comprehensive solutions enabling enterprises to achieve a higher level of manufacturing and supply chain performance with real-time visibility and valuable insights into manufacturing operations. For more information visit, http://SageClarity.com